Project Management 2.0

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Project Management 2.0
شهریور ۲۴, ۱۳۹۵
11 مگابایت
چاپ 2015
4000 تومان
4000 تومان – خرید

Project Management 2.0

Project Management 2.0

مدیریت پروژه ۲٫۰: ابزارهای کمکی، همکاری توزیع شده و عوامل موفقیت در پروژه

زبان: انگلیسی

نویسنده: H. Kerzner  (درباره نویسنده)

ناشر: WILEY

سال انتشار: ۲۰۱۵

ویرایش: اول

تعداد صفحات: ۳۳۹ صفحه

حجم دانلود: ۱۱ مگابایت


در این کتاب به ابزارها و روشهای کارآمد در مدیریت پروژه، راهکارهای بهبود تعاملات، روشهای استفاده از شاخصهای کلیدی عملکرد و نحوه بکارگیری جریان کار (Workflow) در مدیریت پروژه پرداخته شده است.

Get connected and improve outcomes with a more modern approach to project management

Project Management 2.0 tackles the new emerging approach and toolset for practicing project management in a virtual world. Author Harold Kerzner is recognized as the thought leader in project management, and in this book, he shows how PM 2.0 offers better outcomes with a focus on new tools, better governance, improved collaboration, and more meaningful reporting using KPIs, metrics, and dashboards. This full color guide explores the impact PM 2.0 changes are having on organizations around the world, and provides a detailed comparison with PM 1.0 to help practitioners adopt new techniques and tools to use within their existing project management approach.

At its core, PM 2.0 recognizes that a new generation of workers grew up in a Web 2.0 world of web-based project management tools that allow virtual or distributed teams to work together much more closely than in the past. Advances in technology and information flow have shown that traditional project management techniques are ineffective for many of today’s projects. This book offers an alternative with PM 2.0, an updated approach that aligns more closely with the modern workflow.

  • Discover the new project management tools that are changing the workflow
  • Learn how to improve collaboration with stakeholders
  • Explore new ideas and processes for better project governance
  • Achieve more meaningful information reporting with traditional tools

Project management is an integral component of successful business operations. With today’s technology, teams are no longer limited by distance or time zones – so why are they being managed with approaches that are? This book provides a framework more relevant to the way people work today. For the project manager looking to increase efficiency and improve outcomes, Project Management 2.0 provides the information and tools that can make it happen.

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