Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling 2nd edition

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Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling 2nd edition
نوامبر 15, 2020
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Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling 2nd edition

Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling 2nd edition

اصول توالی و زمان بندی

⭕️ نویسندگان: Kenneth R. Baker (Author), Dan Trietsch (Author)

⭕️ ناشر: WILEY

⭕️ سال انتشار: ۲۰۲۰

⭕️ ویرایش: دوم

⭕️ تعداد صفحات: ۶۳۸ صفحه


The second edition of Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling has been revised and updated to provide comprehensive coverage of sequencing and scheduling topics as well as emerging developments in the field. The text offers balanced coverage of deterministic models and stochastic models and includes new developments in safe scheduling and project scheduling, including coverage of project analytics. These new topics help bridge the gap between classical scheduling and actual practice. The authors―noted experts in the field―present a coherent and detailed introduction to the basic models, problems, and methods of scheduling theory.

This book offers an introduction and overview of sequencing and scheduling and covers such topics as single-machine and multi-machine models, deterministic and stochastic problem formulations, optimization and heuristic solution approaches, and generic and specialized software methods. This new edition adds coverage on topics of recent interest in shop scheduling and project scheduling. This important resource:

  • Offers comprehensive coverage of deterministic models as well as recent approaches and developments for stochastic models
  • Emphasizes the application of generic optimization software to basic sequencing problems and the use of spreadsheet-based optimization methods
  • Includes updated coverage on safe scheduling, lognormal modeling, and job selection
  • Provides basic coverage of robust scheduling as contrasted with safe scheduling
  • Adds a new chapter on project analytics, which supports the PERT21 framework for project scheduling in a stochastic environment.
  • Extends the coverage of PERT 21 to include hierarchical scheduling
  • Provides end-of-chapter references and access to advanced Research Notes, to aid readers in the further exploration of advanced topics


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