Project and Program Turnaround

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Project and Program Turnaround
آوریل 8, 2017
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Project and Program Turnaround

Project and Program Turnaround
مدیریت برنامه و پروژه

⭕️ نویسنده: Thomas Pavelko

⭕️ ناشر: CRC PRESS

⭕️ سال انتشار: ۲۰۱۷

⭕️ ویرایش: –

⭕️ تعداد صفحات: ۳۱۲ صفحه

⭕️ فرمت: True PDF

⭕️ حجم دانلود: ۱۰٫۱ مگابایت

The purpose of this book is to reduce the number of development programs and large projects that failure during the critical transition from ‘good idea’/proof of concept to its implementation. My research has revealed that over 25% of such attempts fail in the U.S. Sixty five percent of the remaining to not achieve all the goals. This book will be of high value to all practicing program or project managers in all industries. In addition, this book will be on the suggested reading list for college business courses. The value of this book pertains to the implementation of new plans and processes as well as physical products.

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