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کتاب Project Recovery
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کتاب Project Recovery

Project Recovery: Case Studies and Techniques for Overcoming Project Failure

بازیابی پروژه: مطالعات موردی و فنون غلبه بر شکست پروژه

زبان: انگلیسی

نویسنده: H. Kerzner  (درباره نویسنده)

ناشر: WILEY

سال انتشار: ۲۰۱۴

ویرایش: اول

تعداد صفحات: ۳۳۷ صفحه

حجم دانلود: ۳٫۳ مگابایت


کتابهای زیادی وجود دارند که به شما یاد میدهند تا پروژه ها را چگونه به بهترین شیوه مدیریت کنید، اما اگر در شرایط نامناسب قرار بگیرید، چگونه مشکلات ناشی از آن در پروژه را برطرف میکنید؟
این کتاب به بررسی راهکارها و روشهای بازیابی پروژه ها و جلوگیری از شکست در انجام آنها می پردازد.

Best practices for picking up the pieces when projects fail

There are plenty of books available offering best practices that help you keep your projects on track, but offer guidance on what to do when the worst has already happened. Some studies show that more than half of all large-scale project fail either fail completely, or at least miss targeted budget and scheduling goals. These failures cost organizations time, money, and labor.

Project Recovery offers wise guidance and real-world best practices for saving failed projects and recovering as much value as possible from the wreckage. Since failing project cannot be managed using the same lifecycle phases employed with succeeding projects, most project management professionals are unprepared to tackle the challenge of project recovery. This book presents valuable case studies and a recovery project lifecycle to help project managers identify and respond effectively to a troubled project.

  • Includes case studies and best practices for saving failing projects or recovering projects that have already failed
  • Written by experience project manager Howard Kerzner, the author of Project Management Best Practices, Third Edition
  • Features proven techniques for performing project health checks and determining the degree of failure and the recovery options available
  • Includes a new recovery lifecycle that includes phases and checklists for turning around failing projects

With comprehensive case studies, checklists, worksheets, and cross listings to the appropriate project management body of knowledge, Project Recovery offers a much needed lifeline for managers facing the specter of failur

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