Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

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Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
ژوئن 14, 2021
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Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
مجموعه کامل بازاریابی شبکه های اجتماعی برای افراد مبتدی

زبان: انگلیسی

نویسنده: Michelle Krasniak; Jan Zimmerman; Deborah Ng

ناشر: Wiley

سال انتشار: ۲۰۲۱

تعداد صفحات: ۷۸۰ صفحه

Your ultimate go-to project management bible

Get social with the bestselling social media marketing book

No person can ignore social media these days—and no business can afford to ignore it either. Our lives are mediated through the flicker of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram—and brands are increasingly interwoven with our online identities. Even for the 90% of marketers who interact with social media regularly, its pace and scale can be confusing to the point of distraction. Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies helps you take a step back, make sense of the noise, and get your brand voice heard over the babble—in the way you want it to be.

These nine mini-books in one give you essential, straightforward, and friendly guidance on how to use the major social platforms to promote your business, engage your customers, and use feedback to make your product or service the best that it can be. From evaluating the right social mix and planning your strategy to the really fun stuff—like creating videos on Snapchat and TikTok, diving deep on a podcast, or looking pretty on Pinterest—you’ll find everything you need to get your social ducks in a row and say the right things. And once the campaign is over, you can follow the guidance here to evaluate success and iterate on your approach, before getting right back out there for an even bigger second bite.

Keep up with the latest changes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more
Blend your social side with your traditional marketing presence
Become more engaging and metric your success
Get to know your fans with user data
Wherever you’re coming from—social media strategist, site manager, marketer, or something else—social media is where your customers are. This book shows you how to be there, too.



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